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Rini Shkembi debuts on Paolo Martini’s Paul’s Boutique imprint


After some months since his last original production, AdMaiora Music label boss Rini Shkembi debuts on Paolo Martini’s, Paul’s Boutique imprint with “A Reason To Be” EP.

Rini Shkembi’s EP also features Igor Vicente on the remix duty also includes “Elektronische Muzik” which we premiere today.

Shkembi association with music started with his travelling to the moments and memories left by them. Then starts the passion for the disco music and travelling attends several major international and local clubs. Rini thinks that music is not a question of numbers but of emotions experienced, sounds that convey the purity of the soul, music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. He starts playing as a disc jockey at 13 years old.

“Elektronische Muzik” is a true dancefloor weapon due to the raw and jackin’ bassline, infectious Japanese female vocals and a real madness in the groove, all together into a turbocharged dancefloor winner.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.


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