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Ricardo Villalobos & Umho AKA Ricmho released on Drumma Records


Timewarp Ricardo Villalobos

Chilean record label Drumma Records turns 5 years old and to celebrate the occasion they’ve roped in a debut collaborative project between two of their home grown finest, as Ricardo Villalobos and Umho known as Ricmho release ‘Melo De Melo’.

Founded in Chile, the label has encouraged the blossoming of electronic sounds in their country with music from the likes of Julian Perez, Livio & Roby and Vinyl Speed Adjust and event showcases in places such as NYC, Berlin and Barcelona. The founders of the label Felipe Venegas and Bruno Schiavi explain “We look for innovative sound that gets you moving; we think that this is what keeps music alive.”

The tracks were produced last winter in Berlin during their tour together and this is the first time the two of them will release together on their beloved vinyl format.

‘Melo De Melo’ celebrates the 5th anniversary and 15th vinyl release from Drumma Records.