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Renegade Riddims: Tekitoka


Tekitoka promotes D&B music in Croatia through the collective LED (Lokalna Elektronička Defenziva). They have been on the Croatian scene for 11 years now and are best known for the organization of LED FEST.

Besides LED, she is a member of the oldest D&B crews in Croatia, Dirty Beatz, from Zagreb. Dirty Beatz has been on the Croatian scene for a massive 17 years! Within their collective, she has shared the stage with: Billain, June Miller, L 33, Mefjus, Chris.SU, Amoss, Treo, DLR, Signal, Kyrist and loads more.

Tekitoka is also one of the initiators and organizers of Croatian DNBKonferencija, a project that annually gathers all active Croatian D&B producers, DJs, organizers and promoters. The project was recognized as one of the main promoters of D&B culture in Croatia with hundreds of visitors each year.

Besides Croatia, she performed in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia&Hercegovina, Bulgaria and Belgium. She has played at almost every known D&B event in Croatia and at festivals such as Seasplash Festival, Diversity Festival, Fall Fest and Sea Star Festival. Tekitoka has also performed multiple times on one of the biggest bass festivals in Europe – Outlook Festival, in Bulgaria and at Broken Balkanz Festival. This year she played at the biggest D&B and dubstep party in world – Rampage in Belgium – which is where we met her after she went B2B2B with Harriet Jaxxon and Liz-E. The three rising stars of the scene absolutely tore it up!

She is an absolute lover of indescribable energy that comes from D&B music, so in her sets, you can expect a huge amount of it. Energy. That’s one word to describe her sets.

Next stops for Tekitoka are: Kaizan Records feat. Kodin & Tekitoka @Circus Tokyo, Japan and Outlook Festival @Fort Punta Christo, Croatia. Before that, she joins our Renegade Riddims series with a high energy mix that starts the way it ends…furious!!


  1. Emperor – Precuros (Mefjus remix)
  2. L 33 – Rei
  3. Mefjus – Optimum Trajectory
  4. Phace & Misanthrop – Progression (Synergy & Signal Remix)
  5. Abis – If U
  6. Disphonia – Back To The Old School
  7. Disphonia & TR Tactics – Nightraider
  8. Disprove – Triflux
  9. Mefjus & Phace – Clock Off
  10. Mefjus- Fractured
  11. Mefjus – Blitz
  12. L 33 – My Town
  13. Agressor Bunx – The Offering
  14. Agressor Bunx – Offensive
  15. Black Sun Empire ft. Belle Doron – Immersion (The Prototypes Remix)
  16. Lockjaw – Without you
  17. Noisia- Incessant
  18. Noisia – Consussion
  19. Fourward – All 4 Myself
  20. Loadstar – Guerilla
  21. Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)
  22. Rockwell ft. Phace – Rave Cult
  23. Bad Company – Bullet time (Spor Remix)
  24. Chase & Status – No problem
  25. Mefjus & Misanthrop -Stutter
  26. IHR – Reverse Coded
  27. Agressor Bunx – Acid Mirage
  28. Billain – Tessellator
  29. Noisia – Deep Down
  30. Proxima – Wubba Lubba
  31. Dub Motion – Funk Phenomenon
  32. Synergy – Process
  33. Mefjus – Divergence (Misanthrop Remix)
  34. Mefjus – Genetic Drift
  35. Misanthrop & Synergy – Slap The Ghost
  36. Disprove – Stratos
  37. Joe Ford – The End
  38. Dub Motion – Breaking Point
  39. State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire – Bottom Line
  40. Noisia – Dead Limit
  41. IHR & Merikan – Giant Growth
  42. State Of Mind – Bypass (Mob Tactics Remix)
  43. State Of Mind – Giant VIP
  44. Merikan – Converge
  45. Mean Teeth – Dust To Dust
  46. Opsen – Redwood Falls
  47. Mindscape – Meltdown
  48. State Of Mind feat Nuklear – Jesus Overdose
  49. State Of Mind – Lockdown
  50. Maztek feat Coppa – Real Mobs
  51. Kodin – Be Mine (Delta9 Recordings dub)
  52. Synergy & Audio – Dungeon
  53. KLAX – Become (feat. Charli Brix)
  54. Gerra & Stone (DLR’s Dog Bite Remix)
  55. Riya – I Don’t Need feat. Break

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