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Renegade Riddims: Sweetpea


Sweetpea has been on the scene for the past 16 years. Her love for underground music originally stemmed from listening to pioneering labels such as Ram, Shogun and Dispatch. Currently based London, she has built a solid reputation for delivering exhilarating sets packed with energy!

Famed for her live sets, Sweetpea has played at some of the biggest label and brand nights. She’s also supported the biggest names in Drum & Bass at established venues across England and Europe including fabric, Electric Brixton, Fire, Coronet, Volks and The Nest.

Sweetpea has focused more on DJ’ing than production, however, she is no stranger to making music. Recently she’s started taking production seriously. Her debut release was a track with PRTCL on Terabyte Recordings in 2016 titled ‘Afterthought’, which saw the real potential she has as a producer. As her confidence and technique have grown it has encouraged her to spend more time in the studio making music. That’s led to her releasing on Hospitality, Med School and Addictive Behaviour.

A true Drum & Bass head, her hard work and passion make this lady a real inspiration to other women in the scene. With a load of exciting projects bubbling in the background, who knows where Sweetpea will be in the near future! For the immediate future, she joins our Renegade Riddims series!


  1. Anile – Vitalogy
  2. Roygreen and Protone – Deep inside (FD Remix)
  3. Fluidity – Feeling inside
  4. Dkay and Dj Lee – Interlinked
  5. Phaction ft Riya – Aviatrix
  6. Whychek and Facing Jinx – Shes’s Gone
  7. Data 3 – Molly (Gerra and Stone Remix)
  8. Alix Perez and Monty – Good to me
  9. Hyroglifics – Unconditional
  10. Rizzle – The Lie Machine
  11. Missin – Function
  12. Bou – Wine ya B
  13.  Sinic – Regular Expression
  14. Ground – Swindle
  15. Missin and Abis – Hurt
  16. Tom Small – Ressurection Stone
  17. Nick the Lot – Out of your mind
  18. One87 – Discos out
  19. Whychek – Pangea
  20. Sentic Cycle – Nature Humaine
  21. Submarine and Scepticz – Shingoki
  22. HLZ ft Mc Fats – Mystery Sound
  23. SPY – Breathing Underwater
  24. Need for Mirrors – Royal Blood
  25. LJ High – Magic
  26. Total Science and Digital – Cookie Monster
  27. Pablo Dread – Fyah Burning (Fixate Remix)
  28. SPY – Billy No Mates
  29. Tactical Aspect – Reset

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