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Renegade Riddims: D.R.K


D.R.K (aka Dylan-Ray) hails from the Southern tip of the dark continent and now resides in The Netherlands. His love for music was sparked from a young age.

D.R.K has been making a name for himself across The Netherlands as a DJ/Promoter for different organisations such as Drum & Bass Express, Extikt Audio, DNBXL and Comanche Records. He is an integral part of the Dutch Underground Drum & Bass Scene.

He style is dancefloor Drum & Bass at the moment. However, when good tunes from other sub-genres cross his path, he doesn’t let the opportunity slide to do something new and refreshing in his sets. He’s always out to try new styles and territories. D.R.K’s sets are laced with new inventive selections, blending genres and creating new sounds. By doing this, his sets are always interesting and out of the box.

He’s also recently begun working on his own productions. We expect to hear a lot more from him in the future!

D.R.K won the 2016 Eatbrain DJ contest out of more than 500 contestants! This gained him gigs with well-known outfits such as The Prototypes, Dominator, High Rankin, Original Sin, Serial Killaz, Nymo, Maduk and many more. He can be found on festivals line ups and local concerts in and around The Netherlands.

Steadily climbing the ladder in a very competitive DJ country, we look forward to hearing more from this budding new kid on the block!


1.Andy C – Till Dawn (Original Mix)
2.Giganti – The Face Off (Original Mix)
3.Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Booyaka (Original Mix)
4.Dimension – Black Church (Original Mix)
5.Decimal Bass – Low (Original Mix)
6.Total Science – Nosher (Baron’s I Know A Little Spot Remix)
7.Murdock – Rock Hard (Original Mix)
8.Danny Byrd – Lizard Steppa (Original Mix)
10.Barely Alive – Doggo (ShockOne Remix)
11.Friction – Mad in the Jungle feat. Doctor (Original Mix)
12.Urbandawn – Roundabout (Original Mix)
13.The Upbeats & Culture Shock – Erosion (Original Mix)
14.Break – Time to Fly (Original Mix)
15.Rido & Joe Ford – Blueprint (Original Mix)
16.Barely Alive feat. Mad Hed City – Warrior (Original Mix)
17.No Concept – Showdown (Original Mix)
18.The Prototypes – Infinite (Mothership) [Original Mix]
19.Prolix – Drop Bombs (Original Mix)
20.Steppa Style ft. Lowriderz & Veak – Underwater (Original Mix)
21.Killer Hertz – The Unknown (Original Mix)
22.Abis – Dovetails (Original Mix)
23.Tantrum Desire – Unleashed (Original Mix)
24.Dub Elements – Like This (Original Mix)
25.Madface – Overnight (Original Mix)
26.Matrix & Futurebound feat. Zelah – Got You There (Original Mix)
27.Dub Elements & Levela – Hee-Haw (Original Mix)
28.Mefjus – Uneasy (Break Remix)
29.Pledge of Resistance ft Killamatic – Inner Demon (Original Mix)
30.Tobax, Mean Teeth – Bring the Pain (Original Mix)
31.Doctrine – Parabol (Original Mix)
32.Agressor Bunx – Hard Metal [feat. Kryptomedic] (Original Mix)
33.D Minds & DJ Hazard – Mr Happy (Original Mix)
34.Stoner – Neurohack (Original Mix)
35.The Prototypes & TC – Species (Original Mix)
36.Dimension – Whip Slap II (Original Mix)
37.Annix – Power Chords (Original Mix)
38.Tobax – Orbital Cold (Original Mix)
39.A.M.C & Turno – Draw 4 That (Original Mix)
40.Malux – Watch Out (Original Mix)
41.Dieselboy, Counterstrike, Mark The Beast – Stagediver (Original Mix)
42.No Concept – Grave Digga [feat. Smk] (Original Mix)
43.Agressor Bunx – Obsession (Original Mix)
44.A.M.C – Spark Out (Original Mix)
45.Dossa & Locuzzed feat. Dorian – Synthesizer (Original Mix)
46.Filip Motovunski – Combination (Original Mix)
47.Akov – Talk to Me (Original Mix)
48.Toronto is Broken – I Am (Original Mix)
49.Fox Stevenson – Never Before (Original Mix)
50.Pledge of Resistance – ID
51.A.M.C & Turno feat. Dreps & Phantom – Boundaries (Original Mix)
52.Bad Company UK – Ruckus [feat. $pyda] (Original Mix)


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