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Remix Machinedrum and Lapalux on Launchpad App


Tech masterminds, Novation, have announced two new artist soundpacks for the iOS app version of Launchpad.

Teaming up with seminal label and distributor Ninja Tune, Novation have got their hands on gully, juke killer ‘Gunshotta’ from Machinedrum‘s Vapor City LP and the sonic playground that is ‘Moments’ by Lapalux (originally released through Flying LotusBrainfeeder imprint).

The Launchpad app allows the user to remix these tracks to their hearts content, combining beats, basslines, melodies, vocals and FX loops using the pads on the touch display. Up to 8 loops or one-shot hits can be triggered simultaneously, and since the pads are synchronised, you’ll never have to worry about going off the beat!

Novation have also revealed that these two tracks are only the first in a series of new artist soundpacks that will be made available for the app, so if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, stay tuned…

The Novation Launchpad app is available for free download now from iTunes. Further soundpacks can then be purchased within the app for a small charge.

Oh, and because we love any excuse to post Machinedrum…


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