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Remix Competition: Deegz & Kaspa ‘Heavy & Shelley’


So, on my birthday, Saturday 23rd March 2024, our main man Grahame Farmer surprised me with my debut release Deegz & Kaspa ‘Heavy & Shelley’ on our fresh Drum & Bass label, dt dnb. He teamed up with some buddies, colleagues, and local MCs to whip up an awesome track that’s been smashing it!

For the past 6 years, I’ve been growing our Drum & Bass audience, dropping tunes I’m passionate about through premieres and mixes. Starting my own label felt like the next natural step. But honestly, I had my doubts. I questioned if I was cut out for it, worried about letting folks down or not hitting the mark. Plus, there was this nagging feeling of imposter syndrome. I’m no DJ or producer; I’m just a die-hard raver with zero tech skills. I’ve never claimed to be a pro—just someone who lives for the rave!

Managing a label means giving artists helpful feedback. Luckily, I’ve got an amazing crew of experts in their fields to lean on for guidance as I navigate this new journey and learn the ropes.

The track? It’s produced by someone who prefers to stay behind the scenes for now. Trust me, they’ve got serious talent, and I see big things in their future. We’ve also got two top-notch MCs from Milton Keynes on board: Liam Deegan aka Deegz and Kaspa Montana aka Kaspa The Friendly Host, who are both resident artists for OTD (On The Decks). They know me well from the rave scene, but Grahame gave them some insights to craft lyrics that resonate with me. The result? Mind-blowing! Huge thanks to these three artists and, of course, Grahame. Oh, and a shoutout to Nurve from Eleven One One Mastering, a local wizard who mixed and mastered the track and is a key player at Education & Bass.

This project is close to my heart. It’s all about putting Milton Keynes back on the rave map and showcasing the incredible talent we’ve got right here. Moving forward I will be focussing on up-and-coming artists and giving them a space to shine, just as I have done up until this point. I will not be keeping to a particular sound or sub-genre, I love all of Jungle and Drum & Bass, so if the music resonates with me and gets me in the feels, there’s a high chance it will get signed!

Check out Deegz & Kaspa ‘Heavy & Shelley’ below and grab a copy from here!

A bit about the artists:

Deegz is a talented MC/Producer originating from Milton Keynes, deeply influenced by his family’s musical heritage, especially his DJ father who ignited his early passion for music. With a solid 15-year journey in the music industry, Deegz currently holds the title of resident MC for the esteemed OTD (On The Decks) label. Additionally, he collaborates as one half of the dynamic duo known as “Order & Chaos.” His performances are marked by a unique energy and impeccable vibes, evident in his commanding presence on stage. Noteworthy is his association with acclaimed artists such as Friction, Vibe Chemistry, Upgrade, A.M.C, Simula, Pendulum, among others.

Hailing from Coventry, the UK’s Ska hotspot, Kaspa is a seasoned MC with over 30 years in the game. His love for music began with hip hop, but Coventry’s ’89 acid house scene had him on the mic by age 15. While he explored techno and hardcore, it was jungle that truly resonated with him. Kaspa honed his skills at underground parties, evolving with the shift from jungle to drum and bass. He’s rocked stages with big names and has a musical palette ranging from hip hop to punk. He even fronted the punk band RSI, blending dnb with punk vibes. After hosting his own radio show, ON POINT DRUM & BASS, for 3 years, COVID-19 hit, but Kaspa’s musical spirit remained unshakeable. Now, he’s teamed up with OTD (On The Decks) as a resident, marking a new chapter in his enduring MC journey.

Now, we move on to the next exciting part of this release…A remix competition!!

Unleash Your Remixing Talents:

As a participant in this remix competition, you’ll have access to the original stems of the track, allowing you to put your own unique spin on it. This is your opportunity to experiment with different styles, genres, and sounds to create a remix that sets the dance floor on fire!

So, grab your headphones, fire up your DAW, and let your creativity run wild.

The Prize:

An official remix release as part of the upcoming remix compilation on dtdnb

A DJ set at our launch party (travel/accommodation not included)

Data Transmission Hoodie

Data Transmission T-Shirt

To Enter:

Download the stems from here and create your remix!

Join our Discord Server

Head to the #demo-feedback Section – ‘Heavy & Shelley Remix Competition Entries’

Post the Private Soundcloud link before 30th April!

Keep ’em peeled for the YouTube Live Stream coming in Early May, which will be announced on Instagram & Discord Server.