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Relativ release their ‘Esperanzado’ EP on Libero Records


The next release on Libero Records comes via Utrecht natives, Relativ. The duo, with a commendable back catalogue of releases on some of House Music’s most-favourable labels, shows us exactly how that collection came to be – with a more than worthy show of freshly squeezed beats. Their ‘Esperanzado’ EP comes with two impressively unique original cuts and also features a remix from one of the UK’s hottest tipped up and coming starlets, ALISHA.

Opening the release, the title track’s loose and driving groove is infectious from the first bar. With clear influence from that Deep House and Minimal/Tech style that is so prevalent amongst artists from that region, the duo’s creative depth comes out to play whilst retaining an impressive amount of signature Libero style. Layers of perfectly crafted percussive factors melt into the robust kick/sub combo that pulses throughout the track. Add to that the rippling arp of soft synths and an expanding vocal hook and you have the perfect mixture for an unparalleled terrace track with bags of personality.

Taking things down a different route, ‘What About’ is another enslaving dancefloor heater. A track with a heavy low end and a splash of 90’s house nostalgia, Relativ come into a world of their own with this one. Loosely swung rhythm combines with a huge sub-line, offbeat snares, vox stabs and another profound vocal whirl to leave you with a booming end product – full of personality and heads down energy.

Rounding off the release, ALISHA’s remix of ‘What About’ wastes no time in getting straight into that gritty driving momentum that she is fast becoming a master of. Cleverly recycling components from the original, she lets the track run away with you during the transition sections, before sending you back into that chugging 4/4 coarseness.

Check out the tracks here and grab the EP on Beatport.


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