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Reginald debuts on My Techno Weighs a Ton


Last artist release of 2020 from My Techno Weighs a Ton is a special one as it marks the rebirth of one of their own, label A&R and an entertaining human being, Niklas Wiik aka Reginald (formerly known as NiQW).

His new artist name marks a change in his career and perhaps in his sound too. We’ll let him explain in his words:

“NiQW was officially my first independent artist name and I’ve done lots of producing under that. Everything from wonky house music to hard techno and from now on REGINALD brings in a more streamlined and mature view to my career. I’m a person not a product and people grow over time and evolve and so will my sound. After over a decade I feel like I finally sound as I’ve always wanted to. From now on my music will be more personal and rooted to my personal experiences, but I would also like that; as a human being I don’t take music or sound too seriously either, so don’t worry I’m not going to change that anytime soon.”

The first Reginald release draws influences from Detroit electro, European techno and the off-kilter feels of West Coast house music. In our opinion, a strong debut under a new name. Let there be many more Reginald tracks to come.

We premiere ‘Creaky Floor’ on our NUDE Techno channel today, check it out here and grab it here.


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