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Rebekah deconstructs her Hybrid Setup

Data Transmission September 6, 2017

Every artist, regardless of their discipline, needs to evolve. In fact, it is something inherent within creatives. The need to push the envelope, have new experiences, and share new impulses is deep rooted, and yearns to be nurtured. That is the position Rebekah found herself in during the early stages of 2016, fast forward to 2017 and it seems that the fruits of her labour is coming in to fruition as she gets ready to release her debut album on Soma Records.

Celebrating 20 plus years since she first stood behind the turntables, Rebekah has established herself as one of the leading exponents of techno currently operating on the global circuit. Her love affair with the harder sounds stretches back to the legendary Que Club in her hometown of Birmingham where she drew influence from the likes of Dave Clarke, Derrick Carter, Richie Hawtin and Billy Nasty. The fact she now shares billing with artists of this caliber is testament not only to her talent, but the way in which her music has been received by the techno community.

In a new video for Native Instruments, she breaks down the various elements of her live setup including of course Traktor, two Traktor X1 Kontrollers and the F1 Kontroller and she explains how each part plays an integral role in her signature sound.


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