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Raiz – Mirrored Selves



One of the key figures behind the Droid Behavior community in Los Angeles and its associated Droid Recordings label, Raiz continue to serve as an audio and production vanguard for the Californian techno scene alongside LA native and the label’s founder Drumcell through their renowned Interface parties, which have graced and inspired the techno scenes in Detroit as well as Berlin.

Droid Recordings’ second tape release titled Mirrored Selves is a minimal yet evocative compilation of six tracks produced by Subversive, Raiz, and Permanent Heartbreak. Each track is its own conceptualization of mindful exploration into sine waves influenced by the driving foundation of the Detroit techno sound with some distant punctuations of a familiar Californian sublime. 

“Unwanted Reflection” is Subversive’s atmospheric method of establishing an initial impression of the tape’s character: subtle in its expressiveness and wavers in status between dance floor banger and variegated listening experience. Raiz’s “Recognize” pushes forth with an emphasis on the moving tones of house music, while “Realize” takes a step out into a cerebral plateau with its contrasting thick kick and crystalline strings. Permanent Heartbreak makes impactful use of synth arpeggio throughout Side 2, building tight reverberating synths into each “Mirror” track and culminating with the sustained melodic broken chords in “Amending.” The emotional catharsis suggested across the tape’s soundscape adds a layer of complexity to an otherwise straightforward and warehouse-ready genre. 

The tape provides these six tracks for multi-use, ideal for incorporating transitions into an extended set based on each track’s consistent structural integrity in sound and in vibe. The Mirrored Selves cassette tape is available for purchase here.

The release comes ahead of Droid Behavior’s Interface 55 14-year celebration show on November 26 featuring a carefully curated lineup and impeccable production execution featuring visuals by video artist OKTAform.

Mirrored Selves [VRVT-002] Tracklist

Side 1

Subversive – Unwanted Reflection
Raíz – Recognize
Raíz – Realize

Side 2

Permanent Heartbreak – Mirror Pt. 1
Permanent Heartbreak – Mirror Pt. 2
Permanent Heartbreak – Amending