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Public Records is Brooklyn’s new hi-fi listening bar, performance space, and cafe


Partners Francis Harris, Shane Davis, and Erik VanderWal have spent the past 2 years renovating 233 Butler Street, the original Brooklyn ASCPA headquarters, that most recently housed iconic vintage guitar shop Retrofret, into a multi-faceted music and social space.

The building will feature 3 rooms:

  • A hi-fi record bar showcasing rare record collectors alongside a thoughtfully conceived food and beverage menu,
  • An intimate performance space (“the sound room”) featuring both live acts and vinyl leaning DJs with a highly ambitious sound system
  • An all-day vegan café and magazine shop.

Both the bar and sound room will feature custom sound systems designed in collaboration between Devon Turnbull of OJAS and Jason Ojeda, formerly of VOID.

On occasion, the bar will call upon larger acts to showcase their rare collections in an intimate setting, the first being Optimo who will play the bar Thursday, March 21st following that Jan Jelinek, Octo Octa, Valentino Mora (resident), Maayan Nidam, CCL (resident), Call Super, Thomas Bullock, Lawrence + Carsten Jost, Patrice Scott (resident), Ge-ology (resident) will all play too.

Check out more here: publicrecords.nyc