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Premiere: Snax – Turn It (feat. Mavin) (Sleazy McQueen Dub)


The Shady Lights are shining bright and hot, revealing “Turn It,” the first single from Snax’s long-awaited fourth album, released on his own Random Records imprint.

With “Turn It,” Snax invites the listener into a fierce and funky boogie zone, filled with pulsing organ chords, snakey synth arpeggiations, steamy hand clappin’, and the seductive vocal performances of Snax and Mavin. This one’s a certified party-starter. A natural enlistee to the cause is Sleazy McQueen (Whiskey Disco), who notches up the club-clout with a ‘shirts off’-worthy remix dub for our debut transmission today.

Sleazy shatters the disco ball into thousands of star-like shards, delivering an energetic version that’s tailor-made for the latest of late nights. As a bonus, Snax has provided a raucous Extended Version, an acid-centric Turnamental, and the irresistibly sensual A Cappella. “Turn It” up, down, all around – and prepare for many more delights to be unveiled when you follow the Shady Lights.

Snax’s latest album – Shady Lights – will be released on October 27 via Random Records


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