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Premiere: Sleezy D – I’ve Lost Control (Way Out West Remix)


Sleezy D aka Marshall Jefferson ‘I’ve Lost Control’ which originally came out on Trax Records in 1986, gets a refresh and cracking new remixes from Way Out West and Flashmob, out today via Freakin’ 909.

The original ‘Sleezy’ was a friend of Jefferson’s. To get his recordings played by Ron Hardy at the club Music Box Jefferson used give him cassettes. However, when Jefferson’s work shift patterns changed he was unable to take down his cassettes so he got his friend Sleezy to take them for him. Sleezy then started claiming that he had made the recordings. ‘I’ve Lost Control’ became known as a track by Sleezy so Marshall Jefferson decided to use that name on the release.

We premiere Way Out West’s remix for you today, Way Out West are an English electronic music duo consisting of producers Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren. They rose to fame in the 1990s with their UK chart hits “The Gift” and “Ajare”, and have since released five studio albums

Sleezy D ‘I’ve Lost Control’ on Freakin909, with remixes from Way Out West & Flashmob, out on 13th November.



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