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Debut Transmission News

Premiere: Lakuta – Mr Serious (Polyop Remix)


The “So Sue Us” EP, out 3rd March, is the latest offering of rhythmic house-laced grooves and sweltering Afro-soul from the hotly-tipped Lakuta to be released on Tru Thoughts.

This 8-track EP highlights the playful “So Sue Us” from their debut album ‘Brothers & Sisters’ alongside a collection of new remixes from Origin One, Contours, Ratomagoson, Polyop, Sanjiao, Mangataot and Junction 13. Fresh and full of optimism is our Debut Transmission, South London’s Polyop crafts a hypnotic Afro-disco remix of “Mr Serious”. Working from an organic soundboard of samples created from field recordings, he adds an arpeggiator to create complex polyrhythms and syncopation.

Polyop speaks about his remix: “The vibe reminded me of those days when you wake up and realise a bunch of positive things have aligned. Like when you’ve slept well, the sun is shining and your senses are sharper than ever, there’s nothing that can dampen your spirits on those days.”