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Premiere: Juan Rodriguez and Ralp Fighter – Pacific (Luca Donzelli Remix)


The always firing Underground Audio is back with another essential package, this time from Juan Rodriguez and Ralp Fighter. Sealing the deal is our debut transmission, a fine remix from Luca Donzelli.

Spain’s Juan Rodriguez has released on labels like UndergroundAudio, Baile Music and Intimate Project Music for years. He started out aged just 15 and now has a diverse range of sounds that have found high profile support from the likes of Nick Curly, Marco Carola and Paul Ritch. Always original in what he does, he impresses once more here where he works with Ralp Fighter once more.

Pacific kicks things off and is a deep and groovy tune with slick synths and spaced out vibes. The bass is rich and warm and the whole thing cannot fail to sweep you up off the floor. Luca Donzelli remixes it and his version is deeper and more dubbed out, with skewed chords and rumbling bass all carrying you along and making you want to dance.

Check it out below!


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