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Powell & Loke Rahbek Share Unhappy Valentine’s Day Video



If we’re completely honest, receiving an e-mail from a disgruntled – and anonymous – ex-partner on Valentine’s Day saying “XXXXX, YOU MAKE ME SICK” wasn’t really how DT envisaged starting the morning of February 14th 2016 but alas, that’s the way it was.

“Remember when you broke my heart?” the message started, with a now somewhat clammy palmed Data Transmission expecting some sort of threat of revenge or vitriol (we have an active and vivid imagination) before continuing “I have a message for you”.

What did it say? we hear you cry. Well, nothing sinister we’re pleased to report, just a further message exclaiming “You said it would be alright, but it’s not. Happy Valentine’s Day?” alongside the video to Powell and Loke Rahbek’s new track, You Said It Would Be Alright.

Set to arrive on XL Recordings, you can send an anonymous e-mail to an ex partner or check out the cut for yourself at www.yousaiditwouldbealright.com