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Polli Ji lands on SUARA with ‘Loverdose’ EP


Polli Ji is a Techno DJ & Producer living in Hamburg, Germany.

Since her first visit to Love Parade in 1999, her love for Electronic Music ignited and has grown ever since, becoming a huge factor in her way of living. She has participated in many Schranz/Hard Techno and illegal Goa parties along with organising small Drum & Bass parties.

In 2010, when she moved to Hamburg, she quickly connected with important people in the scene and made her first steps as a producer. From Electro Pop to Psychedelic Rock, she has experimented with different styles and genres. Hours of self taught sessions with synthesisers and Logic Pro, she has shaped her unique & individual sound. This was the perfect journey to bring all the energy back into the heart of Techno.

In March 2018, when Polli started DJing, she very soon touched, moved and inspired audiences with her powerful sets and energetic performances, ranging from “all night long” DJ sets to following artists such as Oliver Koletzki on the main stages. Polli’s energy and on-stage aura is infectious, to say the least.

Next up she lands on Suara with her ‘Love Overdose’ EP. We premiere ‘Skin on Skin’ today on our NUDE Techno Channel, check it out here and grab it on Beatport.


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