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Play a Roland TR-909 In Your Browser



Have you always dreamed of owning a Roland TR-808, 303 or 909? We know we have here at DT and to our mind any studio we built wouldn’t be quite complete without several pieces of Roland’s genre defining pieces of kit.

Whilst we often wax lyrical about the creative exploits of legends from Detroit and Chicago and the movements that accompanied these artists about their contributions to the evolution of electronica as we know it the equipment makers seldom garner the recognition they deserve outside of the industry.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re as happy to discuss the sociological aspects of acid house as much as the next electronic music scholar but we were delighted to see such important technological advances and those behind them get some mainstream recognition.  For without these integral pieces of kit, we probably wouldn’t have seen such genres as 80’s Hip Hop, Techno and House come to the forefront in quite such a way, with Acid House in particular coming to be commonly characterized by the trademark squelch of the TB-303.

Thus we’ve been having great fun in the office playing around with a HTML version of the 909. You can check it out for yourself here but be warned, it may take up a considerable amount of your time this Christmas and we know we still have gifts to buy and presents to wrap…


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