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Pioneer DJ Launch New Suction HD700 Headphones to Combat Baldness


Pioneer DJ has today launched a brand new headphone in the new Suction HD700. The brand new radical design uses a completely new engineered design from Pioneer DJ, whereby the headphone cup sucks on to your ears.

As the DJ community gets older, a common trait amongst especially male DJs is the headphone rub on their hair. Continuous use of the previous headband models will see the band rub against the hair follicles. This, in turn, causes ‘The Rub’ which results in hairlines eroding away over a period of time.

Teaming up leading hairdresser Trevor Sorbie MBE. Pioneer DJ worked with the best in the hair business to understand more about hair and how they might combat this issue.

A spokesperson for Pioneer said, “We’ve been noticing ‘the rub’ amongst our employees for a while now, it starts by just a few follicles being lost but over many years, this becomes a serious issue”. They continued “After many months we stumbled across the idea of removing the band completely and this revolutionary new concept was constructed”.

The Pioneer Suction HD700 are the first of their kind to use a proprietor technology, which allows the wearer to switch between headphone listening and external monitoring on each ear. The new ‘OFFON’ technology allows seamless monitoring of the club, whilst not having to remove the cups. The cushioning leather cups are sleek and comfortable allowing up to 12 hours continuous wearing. One artist said, “These suckers are certainly going to change the way we DJ”.


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