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Pioneer announce the TORAIZ AS-1 analog synth



In collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, Pioneer have created a new monophonic synthesizer for music production and live performances: the TORAIZ AS-1.

The synth is the second musical instrument in their TORAIZ series following the launch of the popular TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler in August 2016. The AS-1 is driven by a fully programmable, true analog synthesis engine based on the discrete analog circuitry in Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6 synthesizer. It produces powerful analog audio and features intuitive controls that let you create your own personalised sound. You can use the touchpad-style keyboard and slider to manipulate sounds during performances and it’s easy to control the seven on-board effects, which – with the addition of a brand-new digital distortion – come from the Prophet-6 synth.

You can connect the TORAIZ AS-1 synth to the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler via MIDI and use the sampler’s sophisticated sequencer to create even more complex patterns with the sounds you’ve created in the synthesizer. 

The TORAIZ AS-1 will be available from March 2017 at an SRP of €549 including VAT.



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