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Pillman joins our Spotlight Mix


Pillman was born in the summer of ’87 in a Alexandria, a small town in Romania.

He always had an ear for music, sounds literally excite him, it wasn’t until he really felt the atmosphere that he discovered in the music, the energy and expression within it. Soon he experimented more with house music and realised that he wanted to entertain, to share his love for music with others. He began his dj career in may 2008 and in short time he made his first appearance at some clubs and radios. He is a veteran dj of Vibe FM, where alongside Green Noise, had their Twisted Elements radio show.

If you got the love for electronic music keep your eyes and ears wide opened, Pillman is for surely your guy to look out!

01. Arovane & Hior Chronik – We Just Scratched The Surface (Original Mix)
02. Disquantic – The Mad Crow (Original Mix)
03. Dubspeeka – Theme 1 (Original Mix)
04. Metodi Hristov – Change (Original Mix)
05. Ryan Forever – Nasty (Original Mix)
06. Disquantic – Dansul Lui (Original Mix)
07. Disquantic – Jocul De Doi (Original Mix)
08. Worakls – Sanctis (Original Mix)
09. Henry Saiz & Band – The Golden Cage (Sebastien Leger Remix)
10. Teenage Mutants – Etoile (Original Mix)
11. Dizharmonia – Socrates (Original Mix)
12. Disquantic – Antithesis (Original Mix)