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Peter Van Hoesen Announces Live Album



Berlin based techno don Peter Van Hoesen has revealed plans to release a live album this October to share the essence of his live show with fans around the world. Entitled ‘Live Performance’ the album will be released by seminal German techno imprint Tresor after being recorded at the iconic labels equally famous Berlin club last July.

The Belgian’s one hour live performance for Time To Express’ label night back on July 19th drew a fair amount of acclaim from those in attendance with each session of his performances being coveted for no two being exactly alike as the hardware that he uses for his live performances is set  up in such a manner to encourage greater improvisation with a greater focus on experimentation.  Running on three synths, a drum machine, two iPads and a host of outboard effects it is certainly one of the more innovative set-ups we’ve seen by an artist playing live as Van Hoesen appears intent on pushing boundaries as he explains himself “Right now the laptop is much less important [to me] than say three or four years ago. The main thing is the increased freedom to improvise, that’s really the core of the show.”

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