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Paula Temple Launches New Label



We’ve been fans of Paula Temple for a while now. Be it her work in the studio or DJ booth the Berlin based artist always seems to impress.

Thus, it is with great excitement that we share news that Paula has launched a new imprint of her own. Set to be known as Decon/Recon, the newly founded outlet will be inaugurated with the release of the simply titled DR1 EP April 20th with efforts from Oni Ayhun, rRoxymore, Aquarian Jugs (aka Planningtorock) and Temple herself under her Jaguar Woman alias.

Billed as “a label and platform for electronic music artists that do not follow the norms” Decon/Recon is a way of reworking remix collaborations. Whilst traditional remixes are based on a hierarchy between the original artist and remixer, and places all remixers and composers of parts on equal footing and as part of a composing collective. Savvy? No?

The principle of Decon/Recon is simple: “A group of artists each supply sound (their parts) for a piece of electronic music to a creative pool, then they all use the same range of parts to put together a track, the Decon/Recon remix. Deconstruction happens where artists each submit parts (but no full tracks), the reconstruction happens where the sounds are mixed together in different ways by the different artists of the collective. Not only does this require highly skilled and creative composers, it also challenges dance music artists to work together in ways that have not been explored yet.”

Sounds good to us guys!

Photo: Karen Vandenberghe