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Paul Woolford causes ‘Choas’ on Edible


National treasure Paul Woolford is a shape-shifting ball of talent and he now pops up on Eats Everything’s Edible label.

He has been seriously spreading his wings of late, becoming omni-present by landing his tracks with ease on labels like XL Recordings, Running Back, Houndstooth, Hotflush and Aus Music.  And so it’s with welcome arms that Edible usher him in to their release schedule, give him the comfy sofa and let him rip it up with two havoc-inducing cuts that are already a staple in label boss Eats Everything’s DJ sets.

Title track Chaos finds Paul in a particularly warped mode; bleepy synth pulses oscillate wildly over a granite hard beat as a single sub-bass tone drives the brain-scrambling flurry of modular tones into overdrive. A hydrochloric synth riff settles the bed, but only until the next haul of chaotic blips come firing out of the speakers – highly effective, and possibly deranged warehouse tackle. A future classic.


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