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Paul Kalkbrenner returns with ‘Speak Up’ EP


Paul Kalkbrenner came of age in East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when techno arrived in the city. His two plus decade career is intertwined with the genre that emerged from Detroit and became a global cultural force.

Paul’s grand techno sound has seen him fill stadiums and top charts, yet this new EP is deeply club-focused music. It’s evidently Kalkbrenner, but Speak Up is also lean and hard, it’s four tracks that return Paul to his rave roots, music for late nights, dancing in the dark. 

This past weekend, Paul debuted a special studio session Livestream from his studio. Paul goes into detail about why he’s not so focused on creating albums anymore. He also plays 2 of new songs off the EP including the eponymous ‘Speak Up

Check out the live stream and pre-save the EP here


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