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Paul Johnson remixes Torrfisk for Apollo Music


Apollo Music is an audio venture between Chicago’s Dan X, DJ Heather and Bristol’s Lil’ Mark. The newest release from Torrfisk features remixes from Hector Moralez and Paul Johnson.

Torrfisk first debuted on Apollo Music Group with his Remnant single, released in 2017.

Chicago house legend Paul Johnson will always be cemented in time as the first person named in the dialogue of Daft Punk’s iconic “Teachers” track, which roll calls the most influential names in electronic music. The soulful style Paul helped pioneer can be found on labels such as Chiwax, Peacefrog and the legendary Trax Records.

Master of the remix, Paul Johnson is first up on rework duty for our premiere. He starts by adding more funk to the bassline. Also working in some extra percussion, PJ switches up the groove whilst paying homage to the original. Dramatic textures add tension and create a captivating suspense that really brings Paul’s version to life.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.


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