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Part Time Lover announces his arrival with ‘Freak’ EP


Call up, ring once, hang up the phone. Part Time Lover is here for your pleasure, not your problems, nothing serious, just good times on a casual basis. He’s not interested in your issues, and he’s definitely not the solution to them either. Escaping them on the other hand? Yes, he can help you with that. Strangers by day, lovers by night, knowing it’s wrong, but feeling so right

Part Time Lover is the new solo project from Amos, one-half of house music producers Waifs & Strays, giving Amos the chance to make his own creative mark on these productions.

Drawing on over two decades of experience in dance music, Part Time Lover was born to showcase a deeper, more melodic, more eclectic, disco-infused sound from this established producer. Taking influence and elements from disco, soul, funk and the classic house from both sides of the Atlantic, the music of Part Time Lover provides a new take on some familiar sounds for your weekend pleasures.

His initial release comes on the esteemed Music for Freaks titled ‘Freak’ EP. We premiere ‘Latin Rave’ today for your aural delights, check it out below and grab it here.