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Paris Hilton Tries To Kill House Revival



In sad news the current house revival is missing feared dead after alleged socialite Paris Hilton decided that failing as a DJ on a grand scale wasn’t quite enough for the electronic music quota of her resume of disastrous career attempts. Yes following on from that attempt to perform as a DJ in Brazil in which the heiress proved that she couldn’t mix a drink let alone a record the illustrious blonde has decided to turn her hand to the production side of the business.

Working with a team of producers, who have in contributing to this abomination have led us to believ that the last time we saw a collaborative effort this bad we’re pretty sure those involved were arrested after the end of the war. Still for the more sadomasochistic of you check out Miss Hiltons new video for ‘Drunk Text‘ here for a spoken word diatribe of a party girl’s journey through a night on the dance floor. In the video, Paris talks boys, sex, and drunk texting –all while seducing the camera as the lead role in her very own black-n-white flick. Ergh, indeed but unfortunately the musical onslaught from her looks set to continue as she’s landed an album deal to release a house LP on commercial ‘hip-hop’ imprint Cash Money.

Poor Paris has been searching for a talent to justify her fame for quite some time now and unfortunately for her electronic music clearly isn’t it.  The search continues…

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