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Pan-Pot – Win Some EP



Germany’s Pan-Pot have made a name for themselves with their edgy yet fun brand of techno. They have recently taken a break from curating their label, Second State Audio, to contribute this massive, peak-time techno EP to Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD Records. The two track release offers DJs no-nonsense rollers for their crates, with each song offering its own flavor while delivering complimentary energy.

The driving force behind both ‘Win Some’ and ‘Lose Some’ is their carefully crafted composition. Each track builds on itself throughout its run-time with such precision that fulfills the dance-floor destroying potential of the minimalistic cache of synths. While the booming bass-lines take center stage, it is the intricacy with which each element flirts with each other in the mix-down that sets this EP apart.

‘Win Some’ takes the formula in a lighter direction, with more conventional build-ups and breakdowns, while ‘Lose Some’ provides a stellar B-side with its more reserved finish. This must have EP is available now on Beatport.

Justin Shamlou

Raised on a steady staple of Dance Music compilations, I discovered House and Techno through the likes of Armand Van Helden and Carl Cox as a toddler. As a teenager in the SF/Bay Area, I discovered the world of raves and clubs and my passion for the music grew exponentially. Now, I live in Miami, run the Underground Dance Music blog playhous.net, and co-manage the Bass label Bunkr Music.

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