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Orphx Release Thirteenth Studio Album ‘Pitch Black Mirror’



With 23 years as the backbone of the techno scene, Ontario-based duo Orphx have released their best body of work yet. Orphx’s thirteenth studio album titled Pitch Black Mirror is closer to the truth than most industrial techno in the same vein. The ten-track audio killer Pitch Black Mirror arrives in 2×12” LP format on Adam X’s Sonic Groove label and in CD format through Hands.

Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey fuse techno and industrial as well as distinct elements of electro, post-punk, and EBM into their latest release, bringing forth a heavy and cutting-edge representation to each track on the album. Pitch Black Mirror also utilizes the subliminal power of the human voice, layering and incorporating recorded samples from Rich Oddie himself and from guest vocalist Marie Davidson.

“Unknowing” and “Molten Heart” showcase a tumultuous balance of abrasive electro melody with the more schematic tones of hardcore industrial. “Sever The Signal,” “Blood In The Streets,” and “Zero Hour” break in between as solid techno-leaning tracks while “All Rivers At Once” blends multiple droned guitar riffs into a driving primal beat. “Undying” and “Transmutation” dive into tenebrous minimalism, and in contrast “Walk Into The Broken Night” is a hypnotizing symphony of vocals and bohemian acoustics. The title track “Pitch Black Mirror” relinquishes expectation with a haunting ambience and pronounced synth notes.

Orphx’s signature distorted modular synthesizer lines and deeply cerebral percussive rows dominate the meticulously crafted soundscapes, punctuated by the raucous spirit of punk and body-centric music.

Pitch Black Mirror can be purchased on Orphx’s Bandcamp.

Orphx is also embarking on a live tour in the US. Check locations and dates below and have a listen at “Sever The Signal” off of their new album.

November 18 – The Bunker, New York
December 9 – Omen x Ascetic, Los Angeles
December 10 – Der Bunker Teknobar, Phoenix


Orphx – Pitch Black Mirror Tracklist

1. Unknowing
2. Sever The Signal
3. Blood In The Streets
4. Molten Heart
5. Undying
6. Zero Hour
7. Transmutation
8. All Rivers At Once
9. Walk Into The Broken Night
10. Pitch Black Mirror


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