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Orion remixes Vinicius Honorio for Liberta Records


Now on its seventh release. Vinicius Honorio‘s Liberta Records next release shines a light on Finnish producer and radio host Orion with a two-track remix package.

Heading up his Absence of Facts imprint. Orion is a multi-faceted artist who balances his time producing, DJing and promoting his own events in Helsinki. A well-known face on the Finnish electronic music circuit, Orion has previously collaborated with Cari Lekebusch on Absence of Facts and H-Productions. He has also had solo productions on Trapez and Different is Different Records. With a sound that touches on dark and trippy techno, Orion brings a twist to Honorio’s tracks.

Our premiere Orion’s remix of ‘Dying of The Light’ opens the release with a menacing lead. A stripped-back track with a rumbling low-end, it’s a prowling mutation of the original, showing Orion’s capability to change up Honorio’s version into something more shadowy.

Orion’s second remix in the release ‘Muddy Waters’ couldn’t hold a more appropriate title. Both remixes are out on Liberta Records, whch illustrate his robust sound to a tee.

Check it out below and pre-order link: http://bit.ly/LBRT007


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