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ONYVA drops his ‘Sambo’ EP



On It Recordings is dishing out big releases like a seasoned pro, next up the Mancunian maestro and label boss – ONYVA with his ‘Sambo’ EP.

ONYVA’s discography includes releases on the likes of Toolroom Records, Cr2, Red Lunar and, of course, he features heavily guiding this label’s sound and direction. To date, On It Recordings has featured the likes of Wally Lopez, Franky Wah, Mark Jenkyns, Apollo 84 and Jey Kurmis among other current influencers that are shaping the dancefloor delights across the globe. It’s clear to see that this label knows exactly which path it’s taking and is confidently marching on.

The ‘Sambo’ EP is a four tracker that’s just begging to square up to Ibizan demands and floor them entirely. Our pick is ‘Sambo’ the lead track, which has a tantalising carnival influenced vocal that complements the swaying bassline and energetic percussion that remains a constant throughout.

Check it out below!


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