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Oliver Carloni returns with ‘R-90’


Throne Room Label head Oliver Carloni returns to the frontline with a hard-hitting single ‘R-90’. The track encompassing his energy and enthusiasm behind the decks into one track.

From the depths of the UK’s northern music scene. Oliver Carloni emerged as a front runner among DJ’s for festivals and nightclubs alike, with much of the credit coming from his solid determination & relentless enthusiasm. Known for his deeper sounds whilst still maintaining the key ability to be versatile among the underground scene. Oliver has held down some well sought after residencies, the main of which being the infamous Digital (Newcastle). Oliver has further pursued his passion for music by launching the innovative record label – Throne Room Records. The label showcases both local and global talent. 

Oliver has also featured on equally successful labels such as D-Unity’s Unity Records and Spektre’s imprint Respekt Recordings in recent times. Assisting the single and injecting their own flavour is the super talented Dino Maggiorana. He combines acidic vibes and momentous kicks to create an astounding take on the original track. Secondly, but equally as important; RanchaTek serves up a progressive yet melodic masterpiece to round off the release and contribute to the movement of uniqueness and creativity that Throne Room prides itself on in the underground scene.

Check out ‘R-90’ on our NUDE TECHNO channels today, and grab it here.


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