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Oddity’s next release: Natural Flow’s ‘Sagittarius’ EP


It was only a few months ago that we were interviewing Sergio and Israel aka Fur Coat about their new record label, Oddity. On the 17th November, they will present us their second release (out on both digital and vinyl).

Natural Flow’s ‘Sagittarius EP’ it’s a new project that comes from the minds of Hugo Ibarra (Mexico) and Antü Coimbra (Argentina) a duo that is making a lot of noise in the Mexican electronic scene. It’s not unusual for Oddity to bet on Natural Flow, their production fits within the soundscape of supporters like Tale of Us, Mind Against, Sasha and of course Fur Coat. This new EP counts with two remixes by artists Roman Poncet and Dubspeeka.

‘Sagittarius’ is a journey through outbreaks of industrial sounds gently modulated in between heavy beats. New Flow’s ‘Virgus’ for example, is a 3 a.m track of high contrasts between a bass that keeps you in suspension and metallic sounds that make you flow inside your mind. ‘Agatha’ on the other hand oscillates between your heart beats with heavy punctuation. The two remixes bring each author’s personal touch, with Poncet’s French influences and Dubspeeka’s growling industrial horns. The whole EP is an immersion into the dark. It would be a pity to give away too much so I invite you to save the date and check out Natural Flow’s first release on Oddity Records.



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