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Odd Recordings returns ODDyssey ‘Volume 4’ VA


Odd Recordings returns with their very much revered ODDyssey compilation. This time it’s “Volume 4”, bringing together a healthy mix of established and upcoming talent in the Techno scene.

The squad for this volume includes: A.V.D., Aitor Ronda, Atroxx, DJ Dextro, Dok & Martin + Luis Miranda, Fran Von Vie, Giovanni Carozza, Gallya, Hypnum, I Am Bam, MT93, Overture, Rocko Garoni & Sylvie Maziarz, Tauchen, Tenzella x Josef and The Southern.

The Southern hails from Matera in the South Of Italy. He has focused his productions for labels including Tronic, Odd Recordings and Doppelgaenger. This EP has 4 original tracks, ‘Tree Of Life’ takes things soulful and deeper. Whilst ‘Interference’ had Morse code like sonics which creates a powerful groove. Its more relentless and energetic, with a beat that gets your feet stomping. Tuned’ is full of late-night vibes. It’s Grimey bass stabs and scattergun percussions are joined by eerie sonics which takes the track into a surprising new direction.

We premiere The Southern’s ‘Love’ over on NUDE today from the compilation. Check it out below and grab the whole VA here.


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