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Octo Pi, RogueOne & Stitch collab on ‘Break It’


Octo Pi is a D&B DJ/Producer from Swansea now living in Bristol. His back catalogue after years of hard work in the studio is nothing short of jaw dropping. He has a huge collection of original material and remixes under his belt. His style can only be described as ‘Up Front’, with most of his tracks featuring immensely strong and punchy drums coupled with complex melodic basslines set on a backdrop of euphoric, evolving pads. He’s equally at home producing blissed-out, rolling, vocal heavy Liquid D&Bs as he is producing balls to the floor, techy-driven steppers.

RogueOne plays and produces the full spectrum of D&B. His tracks are rapidly gaining momentum within the UK scene, executing high octane shows alongside a stronghold of the worlds most respected artists. Being raised on the original sounds of R&B, Jazz and funk before discovering electronic music has kept varying flavours to RogueOne’s sets and productions.

Stitch is an artist with real talent and flare for production and mixing. Developing his sound from an origin of bass heavy Breaks and Electro working under the alias Stuff Ya Disco. Stitch has been developing a hard hitting, rolling, funk filled sound which draws inspiration from a lot of aspects of D&B and since moving to Bristol has been going from strength to strength playing alongside some of the leading artists in the game.

Octo Pi, RogueOne and Stitch have come together on a two-tracker on DJ Hybrid‘s new imprint Innovate Audio. It is sure to turn some heads. Both tracks have been gaining support from the likes of Ray Keith, Kenny Ken, Aphrodite and Ed Solo.

The guys present us with two slices of techy jungle dropping on 30th August. ‘U Bad’ is a collaboration between Octo Pi & RogueOne with a soulful vocal intro which drops into a subby wobbler with face melting capabilities.

The flipside is our premiere ‘Break It’, a collaboration between all three and has a more classic jungle feel with serious tearout elements…watch those speakers! When you hear the first drop you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Check out ‘Break It’ below and bag yourself a copy here