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Nozstock The Last Dance Saloon full and final lineup revealed!


Saddle up, folks! Nozstock The Hidden Valley is makin’ its grand return for one final rodeo from the 18th to the 21st July 2024. Like a tumbleweed rollin’ through the desert, this here event’s been ridin’ the range for what feels like aeons. But with the dust still kickin’ up from COVID-19 and the ever-loomin’ cost of living crisis , it’s time to tip our hats and bid farewell. But hold onto yer boots, ’cause Nozstock ain’t goin’ out quietly. The Nosworthy family’s been workin’ up a storm behind the scenes to ensure this farewell shindig is one for the history books.

Nestled snug as a bug in the scenic Herefordshire countryside, the Nosworthy clan done gone and created a one-of-a-kind, eccentric, and family-friendly hoedown unlike anything on this side of the Mississippi. Startin’ 26 years back as a humble family BBQ, it’s now grown into a four-day hootenanny of music, vittles, laughs, and good old-fashioned fun, spread across 10 stages with over 450 artists and performers.

Photo Credit: Alex Avery

“We are obviously very sad to say goodbye to Nozstock, but with that being said, we are planning to make this our biggest one yet and give it the send off it deserves. If you have not been to the festival before, this is one year you cannot miss! We have absolutely packed our line-up with the very best artists, spanning a whole range of different genres and eras as well as comedians and live entertainment. I can’t wait to welcome everyone back to the farm one last time.”

Ella Nosworthy – Creative Director

Headin’ up the mainstage for 2024 are some real big shots, includin’ the likes of Andy C (with Tonn Piper), Groove Armada (spinnin’ a DJ set), R&B disco legends Boney M, and the award-winnin’ hip-hop crew Arrested Development. Andy C’s a familiar face ’round these parts, with more awards under his belt than a gunslinger’s got bullets.

Joinin’ the fray, Boney M will be bringin’ their foot-stompin’ hits to the fields of Herefordshire, while Groove Armada’ll be rustlin’ up a set to remember on the mainstage.

Photo Credit: James Howe

But hold onto yer hats, ’cause the music ain’t the only show in town. Across countless stages sprawled out across the farm, you’ll find a whole mess of fresh talent, from the House Gospel Choir to Leaf Dog & BVA, SASASAS, Turno, Utah Saints, and a whole posse more. Whether you’re rustlin’ up trouble in the Cabinet of Lost Secrets or two-steppin’ the night away at The Cubicles stage, there’s somethin’ to tickle everyone’s fancy.

On top of all that…Data Transmission’s Super Silly Disco is fixin’ to close down the Elephants Grave for the last hootenanny, and they’re bringin’ in the big guns with Hobbs and Ron Mexico at the reins. It’s gonna be a rootin’-tootin’, boot-scootin’ affair like none other, with beats bouncin’ off the canyon walls and laughter echoin’ through the valley. So round up your crew, lace up those dancing shoes, get your groove on, and let’s make this farewell a night to remember!

Photo Credit: Alex Avery

And don’t you fret none ’bout goin’ hungry or losin’ your laugh…Nozstock’s got the finest street vittles this side of the Rio Grande, plus comedy stages, local brews, crafts, and kid-friendly corral areas, makin’ it a rootin’-tootin’ good time for the whole dang family.

Well now, don’t let the tumbleweeds catch ya! Tickets are scarcer than a cactus in a rainstorm, so you best mosey on over and snag ’em quick if you don’t wanna be left out in the dust!

Tier 6 tickets are currently on sale, including payment in instalments. Tier 6 tickets 17+ £180 | Children 12 and under go free! Head on over to their website here!


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