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Nhan Solo remixes FreedomB’s debut on Superfett


Berlin’s Superfett Records welcome Spanish born and raised artist FreedomB from Madrid to their intimate family. FreedomB regular artists on labels as South Of Saturn, Flashmob Records or Too Many Rules.

The title track ‘Big Mama Houze’ is an organic, warm House track full of flavour and love. The bouncy bassline, catchy Rhode’s melody and the seductive powerful vocal up top will get your hands in the air.

‘Big Mama Houze’ got remixed by label head and house hitting producer Nhan Solo himself. It’s an excellent old school warehouse track offering big icy hi-hats and punchy drums charging forwards. It’s well swung, full of force and the rave power synth chords all make you sweat.

We premiere Nhan’s remix below, check it out here and grab it on Beatport.


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