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Neurotoxin return to Skalator Music


This has been a good year for Skalator Music and though the number of releases hasn’t been abundant, they have been consistently pushing quality over quantity. Time flies when you are having fun and after the release of Dj Al:X acclaimed first solo release at the end of September, they’re proud to announce that their favourite producer duo, Neurotoxin, are back for another bashing single – ‘Bishop / Capacitor’.

Neurotoxin is a duo from deep within the Ribatejo countryside in Portugal, or as they call it, the Hacienda. It’s there, in a hidden garage in the middle of the village, that they produce music influenced by Bass culture while creating original sounds. Very defined, and above all taking advantage of nature and the countryside, they compose tracks which are sometimes drier and more environmental, but always focused on the deep side.

Neurotoxin artwork

Honing their skills and production ethos, these two are consistently unleashing their unique approach to drum and bass culture, with previous singles ‘X-Wing / Contraband’ and their amazing ‘Phoenix E.P.’ doing damage on dance floors across the globe. This release relates to a continuity within their musical versatility, wrapping up 2019 with two expertly executed cuts.

Kicking things off is our premiere ‘Bishop’ which comes from a dense dystopian landscape, packed with eery atmospherics, glued with sharp fx and industrial transitions. The track builds in a half step stasis, delivering pounding sub-bass, smart edits and thick percussion lines, growing in a troubled sea of distorted reverbs and cavernous pressure beats.

On the second track, ‘Capacitor’ Neurotoxin showcase a different side of their production, creating a tech influenced roller track guaranteed to keep those dance floors on bubbling vibes. The drums are to the point, flowing between some of the most distorted breaks we’ve heard, and razor-sharp percussion lines. Cool pads and vocal fx lead in a yeasty bass line delivering the all important sub pressure to carry on the track.

Check out ‘Bishop’ below, the single is out on 29th November via Skalator make sure you grab it from here


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