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Native Instruments Release ‘Stem Creator’ Tool



Having officially launched their newly designed audio format Stems, Native Instruments have now released the public beta version of their Creator Tool allowing producers to well, create their own Stems.

For the uninitiated, the concept is simple: rather than simply having a whole track – to which DJs can only apply EQs and effects – Stems breaks tracks down into four component parts, e.g. drums, bass, vocals and synths. This then allows DJs to combine and affect different elements of tracks in ways which they never could before.

Although developed by Native Instruments, the format is universally available, provided the user has compatible software. Stems files won’t affect normal use either, since the files come as standard MPEG-4s, so will play in stereo through regular devices.

So far, the likes of R&S Records, Ghostly International, Shogun Audio, 50 Weapons, Hypercolour, Hotflush, Herzblut, Noir Music, RAM Records, Sci + Tec, Spinnin’ Records and Toolroom have signed on for the new format, along with a bucketload more labels for what looks to be the next stage in the evolution of digital DJing.

Native Instruments have also released a tutorial video to guide would be Stem creators through the process which you can watch in full below, whilst the Stems Creator Tool BETA can be downloaded here.


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