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Murdock’s ‘Stronger’ LP is ready to drop


Murdock’s debut album ‘Stronger’ is about to land on Viper Recordings and it’s a snapshot of what the label has achieved within its fifteen years of history. They’ve been able to provide a platform for an artist like Murdock, one of the most notable figures across drum & bass and one who has repeatedly provided a place for artists to showcase their records at his formidable Rampage Festival in Belgium. However, it’s his music which has recently caused just as much attention.

Following the already released singles which have proven that Murdock’s just as much of a producer as he is a groundbreaking curator, ‘Stronger’ is looking to capitalise on its journey for its full release. One look at the LP’s packed tracklisting gives weight to this fact.

‘Stronger’ is an incredible album and we highly recommend you check it out! With a forthcoming Rampage takeover set for this November at London’s seminal fabric nightclub and an international touring schedule ahead of him, 2019 has definitely been a defining year in his career. Following a host of outstanding achievements throughout his journey, this is no small claim and as a result ‘Stronger’ has found the perfect home at Viper Recordings, who are pushing ‘Stronger’ forward with nearly two decades worth of experience behind them.

We’ve been given Murdock Ft. Errol Dunkley ‘Different Way’ (Murdock’s Jungle Mix) to premiere for you today. The sound of Errol’s voice is unmistakable as an old skool junglist and the opening few bars take me back in time.

Check it out below and make sure you grab yourself a copy of Murdock’s ‘Stronger’ LP from here


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