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Moonbootica drop new single ‘Do Not Do Me (Like Dis)’


We’ve got the first play today, of the brand new single by Moonbootica.

They recently announced a brand new album and first single “Do Not Do Me (Like Dis) feat. Nneka” which is released tomorrow on December 1st via Embassy Of Music.

The Soulful, solemn and sincere, ‘Do Not Do Me (Like Dis)’signals their long-awaited fifth studio album, ‘Future’. Recalling her impressive “Book of Job,” the Nigerian chanteuse refines her elaborate songwriting down to a stunning diamond, cloaked in both subtle melancholy and elation. Infectious and oozing with genre-bending drama, Do Not Do Me (Like Dis) is a perfect example of what the faithful can expect on Future – some of the Hamburg duo’s most personal music to date.

If you didn’t already check out their recent Mix of the Day for DT Radio, here.

Check it out below!


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