Moonbeam to Tackle Film Score with ‘The Random’



Russia’s most prolific EDM duo and brothers, Moonbeam have announced that early 2013 will see them take on an unprecedented challenge for their fourth studio album ‘The Random’ as the release will double as a cinematic film score. Soundtracking the directorial debut of the Moonbeam’s Pavel Khaleev, it brings together 12 enigmatic original tracks alongside more club suitable renditions. When quizzed on the project Vitaly Khaleev commented  “over our last two albums (‘Around The World’ and ‘The Secret’) both Pavel and I consciously and subconsciously have included cinematic influences in our music. Scoring a film is something many producers dream of doing, but few get the chance. When Pavel got the go ahead for his film, we both knew that this is an opportunity for Moonbeam too good to miss.”

Featuring Moonbeam’s full vocal ensemble, on board are the singer-songwriter talents of Avis Vox, Leusin, Aelyn, Blackfeel Wite, Matvey Emerson and others. An authentic ‘first’ for a trance act, both audibly and visually you may well have never experienced anything quite like ‘The Random’ Its been winning rave reviews within Russia’s EDM scene and we’re sure fans of this type of music will love it here too.

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