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Montel returns as MNTL with ‘Love Addiction’ EP



Misfit Music boss man Montel returns for his 2nd release this year under his MNTL techno alias.

Montel has been on the scene since early 2013. His first run of releases was a ‘vinyl only’ affair, but towards the end of 2014 Montel’s productions branched out to a greater audience and the digital market. MTNL is his dark, techno alias.

The title track ‘Love Addiction’ is a tough and driving, atmospheric contemporary techno cut, with big synths and hypnotic vocal efx. Track two, our premiere today, sees MNTL go into a deeper, darker territory, with the Warehouse Techno inspired ‘Sine Qua Non’. Drumcode regular Boxia steps up for remix duties.

Grab MTNL ‘Sine Qua Non’ from Beatport.

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