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Monkey Safari announce ‘Odyssey’ LP

Data Transmission September 13, 2017

German brothers Monkey Safari have announced they are releasing their ‘Odyssey’ album on their own Hommage imprint this October.

The brothers who can look back on a personal odyssey that’s lasted more than 30 years so far, have a mutual musical spirit and through good and bad times have only grown closer. As such, the artwork for the album reflects that and was made by stitching both artist’s faces together, creating one persona from two individuals.

As DJs the pair have played everywhere from Timewarp to Awakenings Festival. They also own their own club, Charles Bronson, in their native Halle, Germany, and have released remixes and original material on top labels like Kompakt, Minus, and John Digweed’s Bedrock.

”From our perspective, when it comes to music, a very important parameter is authenticity,” they say. “In our case it means we’re playing dance music in clubs and at festivals the whole year round. And even though it would have been interesting to produce a “listening album” it wasn’t the right time for that; which is why ultimately we chose to produce a club album. After all, the club has always been the space that has shaped us the most. It’s a space that enables us to develop, test, and improve our music on a constant basis!’’

Monkey Safari ‘Odyssey’ LP drops on Hommage on 27th October 2017.

1. Prologue
2. Smalltown
3. BoulongeBillancourt
4. Sign
5. Kingdom
6. FromThePurpleSky
7. CtrlX
8. Odyssey
9. Helios
10. Energie
11. Epilogue


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