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Modular Carnage welcome MISO with a two track single


Munich-born DJ and producer MISO discovered his love for drum & bass in London’s nightlife. Thrilled by the hard rhythms and screeching basslines of the city, his productions from there on, draw him deeper and deeper into darker realms of bass music.

MISO is an acronym of Multiple Inputs – Single Output which describes how he makes music – his artistic work is the result of all the experience, impressions and visions he has amassed throughout his career.

Having recently released on Blendits and featured on Noisia Radio, MISO makes his debut on Modular Carnage with his 2 track single including ‘The Pact’ and ‘Microcosmos’.

We premiere ‘Microcosmos’ today which is a bit of experimental drum and bass with some other worldly atmospherics and an industrial bassline.

Stream MISO ‘Microcosmos’ below and grab a copy from here

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