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Moby Launches Free Music Database For Film Makers



After sharing his photo collection of Detroit’s infamous ‘ruin porn’ several weeks on his blog it seems that these days Moby just can’t stop giving to his fans. Famously the techno producer once had every song from his album licensed for use in either a film, TV show or advertisment and now the electronica stalwart has decided he wants to give something back with the launch of his new website MobyGratis.com.

MobyGratis.com is a database of free music that he and others have made available for use for not for profit organisations, independent film makers and students to help keep the costs down for future projects.  The new site obviously features a large selection from Moby’s back catalogue including his last two albums and remixs fom Apparat, Photek and Yeasayer amongst others.

So a few terms and conditions apply, mainly that the music only remains free if it isn’t intended to be used for a commercial enterprise and if it is then normal charges will apply with any revenue going to The Humane Society, a charity long supported by the famously vegan Moby. After selecting a piece of music from the catlagoue of approximately 150 pieces film makers then apply for approval which takes 24 hours to be confirmed with Moby indicating that no one has been refused thus far.

Check out Mobys introductory video to the project below.

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