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Mixcloud adds more to Mixcloud LIVE


Mixcloud has been rolling out new updates to their superb Mixcloud Live platform. Mixcloud Live is the first music-focused solution to enable audio creators to live stream.

Known as the leading service for creators to upload DJ mixes, radio shows and long-form audio. Mixcloud has built a solid reputation as a safe and licensed platform.

Today, they’ve announced that soon you will be able to publish the audio recording of your stream directly to your Mixcloud channel! Making sure your followers will never miss a stream again! You’ll also have the control to publish your live recording exclusively for your SELECT subscribers to listen back, or as a public show.

Also when you’re live, your stream now appears on your Mixcloud profile, and your fans can now tune in through the Mixcloud app. They’ve also started to roll out Live Push notifications so as soon as you’re on air they’ll be sure to know about it.

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