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Mix Of The Day: Zero Method



Miklos Szalkay aka Zero Method has just dropped his debut LP, Deep Fields on Optiv’s on-point, techy label Red Light after a slew of well received EPs and DJ mixes. Verdict?  It’s is a riotous blast of minimal, sci-fi inspired neuro funk that traverses a wide range of styles and sounds whilst staying true to its core themes and ideas – hard, funky, rolling drums and chest constricting bassline science.

Serving up today’s Mix Of The Day,  if you know about the supremely gifted Hungarian then you’ll know what you are in for and if you don’t, well, sit back, relax and enjoy a stomping forty five minutes of blistering bass pressure, rolling drums, eerie atmospherics and sound effects that tell stories with sonics alone.

Not one to bore you with tracklists or subsidiary guff that takes away from total immersion, Zero Method’s music and mixes take you on an alien journey into neurofunk meets techstep heaven. Listen below!





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